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Dallas, TX
About Me

text me as much as you like! call/video chat SCHEDULE ONLY

Never loose your inner child!

Can we start the weekend over again?

Pierced nipples and sweet smile. Yes, wild and quiet side captured in this photo.

Tie me up and fuck me!

Pierced titties!

I’m in heaven! Deep breath!

Ohhhhh!!! YES!!!!

Does this thong make my ass look big? LOLZ!

Tie me up and spank me!

Be a badass with a good ass!

Cum see me!

Was getting ready for Tuesday’s scene. Hmmm. Wonder what this theme will be!

DANG I love my job!!! SEX!

⭐️Filming new scenes this week! So freaking excited!

Found tallest man in the world. I wonder if he had the biggest penis too?

Reading map of cemetery. Or trying to ....

Mmmmm. Yes!!!

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