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Joined Jan 31, 2017
Miami, FL
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Fuck me, Tony

Omg I love cumming so much... one of the first times I used my #womanizer toy

Hurricane Irma couldn't stop me


I just came sooooo good

I love fucking in the car

Oops! I fell over!

Don't mind me... just chilling in my back yard

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Katana, Cristi Ann & I ... in action lol

God bless America

hot steamy showers are my favorite

it's not fashionable to love me

Meet me in the bathroom stall & show me why you deserve to have it alllll... #airport #bathroom #pusselfie

I come in peace forest ranger

sometimes you just have to pop a squat in the woods

I hope you like my kitty

Online from the camper.... currently camping in the Rocky's #lovemyjob

Oh happy day!

free the nips!

ready to sun bathe

puss slip


He hates to watch me go, but loves to watch me leave

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